Follow your GUT

Part of being in tune with your intuition is following your gut at all times. How many times did you fail to follow your intuition only to realize you were right all along? Personally, when this happens I want to kick myself for not trusting my instincts. I came to the realization that being connected to your female intuition comes with experience.

1. Trust your body – That uncomfortable feeling in your stomach is a red flag. It’s best to follow it and let it lead you to making a decision. Most bad decisions derive from not listening to your body. For instance, if you’re feeling tense about something it’s probably best to table it . Take a breather and make a decision when you’re in a better position.

2. Pay attention to the energy – Being able to read energy levels is a skill that comes with time. Simply its about deciphering if a person is being genuine. Everything is easier from that point on once you master it. People that aren’t genuine often don’t make eye contact. Also their words contradict their actions. Pay attention to patterns and you will be wiser when feeling out situations.

3. Listen to your inner voice – Before seeking advice on a situation just remember no one is walking in your shoes. Giving advice is easy but following your own advice is key. In other words trust your own judgement – you know best. Let your inner voice guide you through everything.


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