Montreal, Quebec

Montreal is truly the gem of Quebec, the largest providence of Canada. This city is very similar to Paris, France. Its the perfect destination if you’re on a budget and can’t afford Paris (yet). Its a six hour drive from New York City and 45 min flight from LGA. French is the main language, but most people speak English as well. Montreal is filled with cafes, restaurants, art galleries and historic landmarks. The architecture is AMAZING and the neighborhood ranges from cobblestone to french colonial style. In addition the city is very clean. Its the perfect place to escape New York City for the weekend.

Where I stayed:(Les Etoiles ) I gave Airbnb a shot for this trip. As usual, I was bit nervous but to my surprise everything was perfect. The apartment was located in the center of the old city minutes from the Notre Dame Basilique. Hotels in Montreal are expensive so your best bet is Airbnb.

Perks: luxury apartment building, cable tv, kitchen, laundry room and free indoor parking.

Where I ate: So many places to eat but so little time! I was able to try a couple of restaurants and cafes, but I found two AMAZING places which I absolutely recommend.



Olive & Gourmando located on the corner of Rue Saint – Pierre and Rue Saint – Paul is a small cafe with cool vibes well known for paninis, baked goods and coffee. A bit on the pricey side but its a great destination for brunch or lunch.



Agrikol a small haitian bar & restaurant in the “Gay Village” area of Montreal. I loved this place as soon as I walked in! The interior design is jaw dropping and instantly transports you to the Caribbean. This spot serves authentic Haitian food and drinks. The menu is only in French so the waiter had to translate. I had a good experience given it was my first time trying Haitian cuisine. Definitely recommend this place if you’re looking for good vibes at decent price.

(left) griot, plantains and rice & beans (right) oxtails & white rice

Places to see:

City view from park Mount Royal
The front doors of Notre Dame


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