5 Tips to building an effective workout routine


Exercise is important to live a healthy balanced life. However, sometimes we may get sidetracked with everything else thats going on in our lives and we tend to push it off. Below are 5 tips that will help you incorporate exercise to your everyday routine.

1. Sleep 8hrs per day – Getting enough sleep is key for having a productive week. When you sleep less than 8hrs per day you feel sluggish, lazy and unmotivated.

2. Wake up early – Its important to wake up early to get ahead of your day. Waking up early can increase productivity and reduce stress.

3. Plan your workouts – Before going to the gym I already know what my workouts will consist of. Whether you’re focusing on biceps and back, cardio or simply leg day, writing down your reps helps you stay focused. Besides who likes to waste time in the gym!? Trust me plan ahead and you save time.

4. Nutrition is key – Drink TONS of water – stay hydrated. Its best to drink 1 gallon per day. Yes for some people this can be a lot, but your body adjusts with time. Maintain a well balanced diet including fiber, protein and vitamins. When you eat clean you feel GOOD.

5. Find what works for you – Not everyone enjoys going to the gym. But you can find other ways to workout like group training, yoga, spin class and pilates to name a few. Find what you like and go for it!

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